Understanding Dyslexia- by Suzanne Rappazzo

DYSLEXIA-What is dyslexia?  How can you detect it or any severe reading disability?   How will this impact the child? How can you as a parent or a teacher support a child with a severe reading disability? 

This mini-course on dyslexia is designed to answer these questions.4A-pcJkKzRE


The objectives of this course are to help teachers and parents identify symptoms of dyslexia or a severe reading disability early in school age child, understand recent brain science on reading and learn strategies and how to find resources that help them cope emotionally and learn to "break the code" and read! 

Course Design:
This course has 3 modules.  Each module contains:

  • Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Lessons - Material to read or view
  • Review/Summary paragraph
  • Reflection questions 
Time commitment to this course:
  • Each module should take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.  Such a little amount of time to change a child's life.

 Getting Started:

  • Click the tab on the top labeled Module 1